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SQL Quick Reference Card

This SQL Coding Quick Reference Card contains tables and list that are used daily when working with SQL:

  • General Rules about Predicate Evaluation
  • Order of Predicate Evaluation
  • Predicate types
  • Indexable Predicates
  • Stage 1 Predicates
  • Stage 2 Predicates
  • SQL Coding Guidelines
  • SQL Coding Rules

Download: SQL Coding Quick Reference Card
Revised Oct. 16

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Now That Makes Me Happy

This is a presention about the preformance benefits by migrating to Db2 10

Download: Now That Makes Me Happy

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IBM's Db2 Information Links

IBM Information Management Redbooks

Follow this link to the IBM Information Management Redbooks for a world of Db2 information.

Db2 z/OS manuals

Follow these links for Db2 10 or Db2 11 manuals where you will have the option of downloading Db2 PDF manuals such as:

  • Administration Guide
  • Application Programming and SQL Guide
  • Installation and Migration Guide
  • SQL Reference

Db2 10 for z/OS Product Documentation
Db2 11 for z/OS Product Documentation

Db2 Express-C

Follow this link to IBM for the Db2 Express-C download. Db2 Express-C is the free version of Db2, to develop, deploy and distribute.

Data Studio

Follow this link to download IBM's Data Studio.

Useful Links:

The World of DB2

IDUG (International DB2 Users Group)

IBM Developer Works

IBM Redbooks