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Computer Business International (CBI) is a Db2 for z/OS training and consulting company founded in 1994 by Judy H. Nall, and offers services focused on relational database management, system administration and application programming.

Judy has worked with Db2 since the very first release in 1983, and has incorporated into CBI all the years of experience she holds with Db2 and this provides the foundation of knowledge, trust and dedication that is unsurpassed any other.

CBI provides Db2 consulting, Db2 training and Db2 mentoring.

With an unparalleled understanding of Db2; along with a close relationship with IBM, you are ensured to get the best quality and most reliable solutions for all of your IBM Db2 needs.

Db2 12 for z/OS Classes are now available:
Db2 for z/OS Classes

Premium Db2 for z/OS Education, Training and Classes

The experience that CBI possesses and the connection it has with IBM; allows us to provide exceptional training and education for IBM's Db2 Family of products. We have specialized courses in the following areas:

  • Database Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Application Programming
  • SQL
  • Performance and Tuning
  • New Features and Functions

Our courses are available for onsite or virtual delivery and are geared for up to 15 students per class.

All our classes may be customized to fit your requirements at no extra charge.

We also provide 1 hour training webinars for those who don't have the time for full day sessions. For more information about this see our webinars page.

For complete details on our training programs see:  Db2 Training or for complete class outlines see: Db2 Classes.

New Data Studio Class:
Advanced SQL Coding and Performance Tuning With Data Studio

Db2 Consulting

CBI expert skills sets provide planning, management and implementation of Db2 services.

Our Consulting services include:

  • Db2 Planning, Installation and Migration
  • Db2 Performance and Tuning
  • Db2 Backup and Recovery
  • Db2 Utilities
  • Database Design
  • Db2 Application Perfromance
  • Data Warehouse Design and Tuning
  • Db2 Sysplex Planning and Installation
  • Conversions to Db2
  • Db2 Connectivity Issues

For full details on CBI's Consulting Services; please see our Consulting page.

PDF Download: Db2 12 SQL Quick Reference Card