Know Db2

Introduction to SQL

This Instructor led class introduces the Structured Query Language (SQL)

Duration: Two day, Instructor led in-house class or Virtual Class led by instructor.

Audience: This course is primarily directed toward new users of SQL basic coding.

Prerequisites: Basic computer concepts. Some experience with WinSQL, or AQT or Crystal or Data Studio is helpful.

Workshops: Hands on Labs will be used to run class problems coded by the students.

Course Objectives: After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to write, run and evaluate basic SQL statements.

Introduction to SQL - Structured Query Language
Class Outline:

Building and Using Tables:

  • RDBMS concepts
  • Overview Data Modeling
  • Overview of Database Structure
  • Basic structure of Tables
  • Rows and Columns in a Table
  • Columns Data Types and Lengths
  • Working with Data Definition Language
  • How to CREATE a Table
  • Syntax of the CREATE statement
  • What are Indexes?
  • Row Data and Indexes
  • Primary Keys and Uniqueness
  • Rows, Columns and SQL
  • How they work in a SELECT statement
  • Examples of SELECT statements
  • - Labs for CREATE of Tables
  • How to get data into your table
  • INSERT command structure
  • Examples of INSERT commands
  • - Labs for INSERTing data
  • A VIEW and its uses
  • - Labs for CREATE a VIEW
  • Finding names of tables in your system
  • Review Questions
  • Lab Exercises Review

SQL (Structured Query Language):

  • Basic data structures
  • Overview on object relationship: Database, table space, table, indexes
  • Basic introduction to SELECT
  • SELECT Syntax and structure
  • - Labs for SELECT syntax
  • Coding predicates in a SELECT
  • Limiting rows in your result set
  • WHERE Clause - Predicate types
  • - Labs for WHERE Clause
  • Basic Joining tehniques
  • How we use multiple tables in a SELECT
  • Joining data from one or more tables
  • Naming your tables and columns
  • - Labs for JOINs
  • Coding Simple sub-SELECTs
  • - Labs for sub-SELECTs
  • Coding UNION statements
  • - Labs for UNION statements
  • UPDATE, DELETE statements coding
  • - Labs for changing data
  • EXPLAIN overview
  • Coding for performance and why
  • The Optimizer and path choices for SQL
  • Techniques to tune SQL
  • - Labs to rewrite SQL for performance
  • Lab Reviews
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