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Db2 for z/OS - TSO, JCL & z/OS: The Mainframe Basics

This instructor led, virtual tutorial teaches IBM z/OS personnel the fundamentals in using and working in a z/OS environment. The essentials of the z/OS environment, JCL, ISPF/PDF, TSO Commands, Job submission, and product navigation are the major topics.

Duration: Two day, Instructor led, Virtual Class.

Audience: Personnel using the IBM z/OS environment in the performance of their duties. This course is primarily directed toward application developers and individuals in a technical support role.

Prerequisites: Students should have basic key- boarding skills and have some basic computer concepts.

Workshops: z/OS platform will be used to run class exercises coded by the students.

Course Objectives: After completion of this course, the student will be able to describe the basic z/OS architecture, how to navigate and use TSO menus and basic utilities, use ISPF/PDF commands and editor, understand the purpose of JCL in z/OS, understand types of data sets, code JCL for submitting jobs, execution, and compiling programs.

TSO, JCL & z/OS: The Mainframe Basics Class Outline:

z/OS Architecture:

  • Mainframes, System z, Processors
  • Operating systems basics
  • Overview of the z/OS operating system
  • Basics of system libraries and functions
  • Virtual storage, real storage, I/O and data
  • Hardware and software overview
  • Processing concepts in z/OS
  • Program management services on z/OS
  • Basics of z/OS Batch / On-Line processing
  • Workshop – Lab exercises


  • Logon / Logoff a TSO/ISPF session
  • Use the 3270-keyboard and Keys (PFK)
  • Allocate sequential and partitioned (PDS) data sets, data set types
  • Become familiar with the Edit Option, primary and line commands
  • Data sets, disposition, and formats
  • Learn different methods of copying and moving data, PDS members within ISPF
  • Review a skeleton COBOL batch program for use
    in other parts of the course.
  • Workshop – Lab exercises


  • Learn the basic syntax of the JOB, EXEC and DD statements
  • Learn how to debug basic JCL errors using either IOF or SDSF
  • Learn how to allocate permanent and temporary data sets.
  • Learn how to pass parameters to programs via JCL
  • Code JCL to incorporate JOBLIB, STEPLIB and JCLLIB statements
  • Code JCL to create Generation Data Sets
  • Create and use Load module and Load libraries.
  • Workshop – Lab exercises


  • Code JCL to execute the basic SORT program
  • Code JCL to execute the SORT program to filter
    and copy data
  • Code JCL to execute the IDCAMS program for copying (REPRO) and printing (PRINT)
  • Code JCL to execute the IDCAMS program to create a Generation Data Group (GDG)
  • Write JCL to Compile and Link Edit a COBOL batch program
  • Workshop – Lab exercises
  • Class Review
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